Coming from a ballet and dance background, my first experience with yoga was like I’d hit the jackpot; I’d found a path in which I could merge my deep love for challenging movement that was deep and empowering yet fun and uplifting; a practice that I could grow into through discipline and dedication . . . an art form that allowed me to bring all of who I am into physical expression in ways that made my body feel great.
I am so grateful to offer to others practices that continue to alter my life in so many ways. I love to witness the dissolving of stress in others, to see faces appear more calm and bright, to hear students report feeling less pain and more open in their bodies and mind, and to laugh (and sometimes cry) together. In short, help facilitate transformation, however seemingly great or small.
In planning my classes, I contemplate what feels pertinent and relevant in life and my own practice, often related to the season, what’s happening in the world around us, and to foster connection with the pulse and rhythms of life. I intend to weave together themes, sequences, and alignment instruction that will help students to connect more deeply with themselves and their lives and to feel better in their bodies.
Each time I return to my practice, I find in it a place of refuge, where I can release resistance to parts of myself and within my body. At first I can feel hesitant to plunging in, but then I am quickly reminded of how amazing it feels to move deeply into connection with my body, and the practice always leaves me feeling better on all levels. My children think I am nicer happier, and a more affective mother when I have been practicing yoga!  I hope to offer parallel experiences to each of my students. While each of experience unique benefits from our practices, I intend for my students to feel safe and supported to become more open and free in their bodies, more spacious and clear in their thinking, and feel more grounded and calm. I hope that the benefits they receive from class ripple into their lives and to the people around them.
Class Focus:I have a strong focus on alignment and try to offer a balance of enjoyable, strengthening challenge, calming yet empowering opening, and returning to a more peaceful, aligned place within. My overall intention for each class to leave my students feeling calm, grounded, yet uplifted and fantastic!

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