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Pearls, not Pain . . .

Moving toward Wisdom and Freedom

Yoga / Movement Classes, Workshops, and Private Sessions with Gail Rosenheim Gurewitz

Creating a Safe Space to Delve Deeply and Express Fully
through Aligned Yoga and Movement

 . . .COMING SOON . . . September 8th-10th, 2017


Restore, Connect, and Renew in Rough & Ready, CA

Join Ron and Gail Rosenheim Gurewitz at their family retreat/home in the Sierra Foothills for a weekend of Yoga, Meditation, Movement, and delicious food

When: Evening of Friday, September 8th – Sunday afternoon, Sept. 10th

For Information/registration, contact: Gail Rosenheim Gurewitz 415-515-3076


  • Gail Rosenheim Gurewitz fell in love with movement and ballet as a young child. From the age of 15, she performed internationally as a soloist with world-renowned ballet companies, including San Francisco Ballet. While recovering from career-ending injuries, she began to experience many benefits from her yoga practice, which she has cultivated for nearly 25 years. In 2008, after a lifetime of movement frequently accompanied by physical pain, Gail began training with Sianna Sherman and Abby Tucker and realized that she had finally found a healthy way to move deeply on physical and subtle levels, through specific fundamental principles of Hatha Yoga, which quickly became her path of devoted study, practice, and teaching. Gail is passionately dedicated to helping others experience healing, freedom, and connect with love and truth through movement. She views each pose as an opportunity to learn from and transcend limitations, to experience and offer our innate radiance through physical expression and throughout life.